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We have compiled some frequently asked questions here for you. We hope they answer questions you may have. However, if there’s something not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible and if we feel it is of general interest we will aim to add it to the list below.

Everyone! We want everybody to enjoy the benefits of water. Whether a new comer or returning to exercise, a regular aqua participant, a triathlete, or someone who has only until now enjoyed land-based classes and workouts, water has some fantastic properties to assist everyone to achieve their fitness goals. A WaterWorks class offers a range of options to allow everyone to achieve their goals.

Teaching the WaterWorks program frees you from having to design and choreograph your class.  Our quarterly new music and class releases help keep you and your participants interested, more importantly it helps keep your class effective.  The music has been carefully selected to appeal to your participants and create a class with highs and lows, excitement and focus; all movement has been chosen to reflect the music.

PPL protects the rights of the performing artist when music is being used. Waterworks uses original music and a PPL llicencing is therefore required.

There is no licence required by operators or instructors (other than PPL) so WaterWorks can be taught in any suitable swimming pool; it can be branded as WaterWorks or otherwise.

You will need a Level 2 qualification in either Fitness, Water Fitness, Exercise to Music, Swimming or equivalent prior to participting in our training to be covered by insurance when teaching WaterWorks or an aqua class of your own design.  If you have any queries, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

To become a WaterWorks instructor you need to be a level 2 qualified fitness (Exercise to Music, Fitness or Aqua) or swimming instructor and have completed our initial instructor training. To book onto one of our training courses please visit the "courses" page on this website or contact us directly at training@waterworksfitness.co.uk or info@waterworksfitness.co.uk.  

Once you have completed our instructor training you can become a WaterWorks member and receive all the WaterWorks music and choreography so you can teach the WaterWorks programme as one of our instructors.  

If you cannot find a course in a suitable location, please contact us, especially if you can suggest a host venue. 

At WaterWorks we recommend that, as a fitness professional, you make yourself aware of your position with respect to public liability insurance, check your status with your employer, or if you are self-employed always ensure your personal policy is up-to-date.

As a certified and active member of WaterWorks, your insurance policy will cover you to teach the program.

The 1-day initial WaterWorks instructor training course costs £115. This is a one-off cost and includes the receipt of a playlist and choreography (via notes and video) for the current WW release and your WW manual.  We have group booking and corporate offers available on demand, please enquire directly on info@waterworksfitness.co.uk. After completing your initial training with us you can become a member of WaterWorks and receive new music and choreography updates for a small monthly charge.   There is an additional cost if you want to use WaterWorks practical training to gain a full level 2 certification.  We provide quality assurance certification after training which we recommend.

A WaterWorks membership will cost from £4.75 a month. For this, you will receive 4 prescribed playlists a year with accompanying video and choreography for a complete class and on-going education. We will also provide you with supporting marketing material on request. 

Alternatively, you can purchase music for £16 per release with no on-going commitment.  Please contact us prior to purchasing any back releases of WaterWorks music through our old music suppliers.

The new music playlist, choreography notes and video link will be automatically emailed to current WaterWorks members every quarter; at the end of March, June, September and December respectively.

We run courses all over the UK.  If you know a centre that can host a course we would love to hear from you - please contact us at  info@waterworksfitness.co.uk.

The WaterWorks program is designed for shallow water, a depth range of 1.0m minimum up to a maximum of 1.4m - 1.5m dependant on participant height is useable.  If a single depth pool is being used 1.2m is an ideal depth.

Ideally aqua dumb-bells (hand-held buoys) are used for a WaterWorks class, but noodles or other alternative bouyancy/drag equipment can be used.